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EXEminer is a Spotlight plug-in that enables Mac OS X to display the icons of Windows executables and shortcuts.

exeminer1 exeminer2

Snow Leopard users: Please read here.

Download (Universal Binary): EXEminer-0.3.pkg Please comment!
This Installer package installs the plug-in to your home directory. (No admin privileges or reboot / re-log-in required.)

WARNING: This is beta software. You are using it AT YOUR OWN RISK!

Requirements: (may change in the future)
– Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard recommended. (10.6 Snow Leopard works with a workaround. 10.4 Tiger may work, too. I can’t test this.)
– wine (to resolve shortcuts): either standard „.wine“ prefix or Mike Kronenbergs „WineBottler.app“ default prefix. Tell me if you need something else.

It doesn’t hurt if you have these installed, too:
– XQuartz X11
– Apples Developer Tools
But I am trying to get independent from these… Please give me feedback!

How does it work:
EXEminer extracts icons and sets them as custom icon so that exe-files look the same as in Windows. The icon is stored in the resource fork of the exe-file, as it would be, if you set a custom icon yourself. The exe-file’s data fork stays unmodified.

Included unix tools: Please note, that these are external links:
ico2xpm, netpbm, icoutils, osxutils


  • Spotlight does not care about „.wine“ folder because it is invisible. (workaround: mv .wine wine && ln -s .wine wine)
  • Does not work on read only drives, like CDs
  • Icons in Dock stacks are not visible until Dock restart


To uninstall EXEminer do the following:

  • Remove the plugin from: /Users/yourusername/Library/Spotlight/
  • There might be a temporary folder in your home directory. If you mind, you can remove it via terminal with this command: „rm -dR ~/.EXEminer“ (This is why it’s beta…)
  • If you want to remove an icon from a file. Open up the information panel in Finder, click on the icon and hit backspace.
  • If you’re on Snow Leopard, download the hack and select the option to revert it.

Version History:

  • 2009/11/19: 0.3:
    – fixed a bug with spaces in filenames
    – snow leopard compatibility
    – slight performance improvement
  • 2009/06/23: 0.2:
    – some performance improvements
    – try to get independent form Apple’s Developer Tools
    – bug fix: some exe files were skipped
  • 2009/06/11: 0.1 – initial release:
    – support for Vista (higher resolution) icons
    – support for Umlauts
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